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Riccione is the home of fun thanks also to its  fantastic theme parks. They are the ideal alternative to a day on the beach, a pleasant pastime that will conquer both adults and children.

OLTREMARE is a fascinating itinerary among the wonders of the sea world and much more…Many of the attractions have educational goals: PLANET EARTH tells the story of the origin  of our world while DINOSAURS ARRIVE, recreates the life of these prehistoric animals which once populated the Cretaceous forest. Encouter flora and fauna of the Adriatic Sea in the big AQUARIA and don’t miss the show in the DOLPHIN LAGOON, an unforgettable experience with  these amazing mammals whose intelligence is widely known. Encounter  the FARMYARD animals  or enjoy the thrilling  show with the HAWKS which gives you the opportunity to BE “TRAINER FOR A DAY”.

Inside Oltremare, experience IMAX with its  600 square  metre screen and 3D projections. You will be captured by images and get totally immersed into the images shown,having the impression  of being transported into the depths of  blue oceans or back in time to the Cretaceous…

Situated on the hill of Riccione with beautiful views of the coast,  surrounded by lushing vegetation and next to Oltremare, AQUAFAN is one of the biggest waterparks in Italy. Enjoy pure fun in the wave pool simulating sea waves, and experience extreme speed on KAMIKAZE, EXTREME RIVER and SPEEDRIUL, also known as “the nightmare”. Discover children waterslides and pools,  relax in  BLUE LAGOON with its water jets and waterfalls and go down the exciting RIVERS on rubber rafts.

Situated only 2,5 Km from these  parks, Hotel President welcomes you right in the center of Riccione, friendly and relaxing for an unforgettable vacation!